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Students celebrate Saudi Founding Day at Kings Bournemouth

29 Feb, 2024
Students celebrate Saudi Founding Day at Kings Bournemouth

Kings Bournemouth School recently held a special celebration of Saudi Founding Day. Alex Arabadzhy, Media Content Creator, feeds back on a day of learning about Saudi Arabian culture from our students.

Our students dressed up in traditional Saudi clothes called Thawbs. These clothes are colourful and have beautiful designs. It was lovely to see Bournemouth school filled with so many different colours and styles!

Our cooks made delicious food for lunch, and we all got to taste some new and yummy dishes that day. As a snack, we also enjoyed hummus, which was served with warm pita bread and fresh vegetables for dipping. The combination of flavours was delightful.

We also had lots of fun dancing and singing together. It was great to see everyone joining in and having a good time.

At our school, we like to celebrate different cultures and learn from each other. Saudi Founding Day was a chance for us to do just that. We learned about Saudi Arabia's traditions and customs, and we had a blast doing it!

A big thank you to everyone who helped make Saudi Founding Day so special!

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