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Kings Bournemouth: GCSE Summer Camp

15 Aug, 2022
Kings Bournemouth: GCSE Summer Camp

Kings Bournemouth's Local Content Producer fills us in on an exciting 3 weeks of the Kings GCSE Summer Camp.

Team Building Activity – Paddleboarding

Each Monday afternoon, students would take part in a team-building activity to help all the students get to know each other better and build their team skills. Two out of the three weeks, the students went down to the pier and took part in rock climbing. However, the highlight was the paddleboarding session. During the second week, we took the students down to Sandbanks beach to have a one-hour session with a paddleboarding instructor. They took part in several activities, including trying to build a raft with all of their paddleboards so that everyone could safely get back to shore. The students had an amazing time, and we had some very tired individuals on the bus ride home.

Interactive Lessons – Maths & Science

One of the most important aspects of learning at Kings Bournemouth is how interactive and engaging our lessons are. It’s not uncommon to see teachers getting students up and out of their seats, interacting with one another and taking part in active learning. We had an exciting maths lesson, where the students got to apply their learning of Pythagoras theorem by measuring certain lengths and angles, using metre rulers outside on the basketball court.

In a science lesson, the students went outside and took part in a water rocket experiment, where they launched water rockets. They examined how the amount of water in the rocket affected how far it travelled. The students started to realise that more water means more pressure but also more weight, so they had to find the right balance. It was a very fun lesson, and perfect with the hot weather we had as everyone dried off quickly!


Every Friday, we would have a ‘graduation-style’ celebration for all the students who were leaving us that week. Our Principal, Andrew, would give each student certificates to congratulate them on their achievements and progress.

It was time for students to celebrate those who were leaving and for everyone to be reminded of what they had been able to achieve while at Kings Bournemouth.

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