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Kings Bournemouth: exploring Beaulieu and London over half term

27 Mar, 2022
Kings Bournemouth: exploring Beaulieu and London over half term

During half-term academic students at Kings Bournemouth took advantage of the trips put on by the school, including a trip to London and a visit to Beaulieu’s National Motor Museum! Local Marketing Coordinator, Amber, tells us more.

Students who came on the trip to London had the opportunity of seeing many of the main sites in London. On a guided tour by the amazing James, we got to see the Victoria Tower, the London Eye, Parliament square and Big Ben, Whitehall, the Horse Guards and Horse Guards Parade, as well as 10 Downing Street and many other prominent sights near Westminster.

Although the tour was one of the key highlights of the trip, many students enjoyed being able to spend time exploring London on their own. During this time, lots of students went to Oxford Street and spent hours looking through all the different shops. Other students choose this time to enjoy all the restaurants on offer in the centre of London, with pizza being the main choice. A group of students decided to visit some museums, as well as China town, and going on the London Eye.

By the end of the day, there were a lot of tired and sleepy students on the coach back. Clearly, visiting London was a very successful trip and all of the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Later on in the week, students had the chance to visit Beaulieu’s National Motor Museum, where we also stopped off for a break at Burley. While at Beulieu, as well as the museum, students could also visit the Palace House, grounds & gardens, Beaulieu Abbey, take a ride on the monorail, as well as visit a couple of limited attractions called the ‘World of Top Gear’ and ‘On Screen Cars’.

We were very lucky that both days, the weather was sunny and warm for typical British weather. Many of the students took this to their advantage, spending more time outside around the grounds than inside the museum. It wasn’t a surprise to find students, with drinks, hanging out in the gardens and the surrounding grass areas. The Top Gear attraction proved a real hit with many of the boys, who tried for a very long time to find someone with £1 so they could drive the toy cars around a little race track outside the attraction. Many of the students ended the day in the on-site canteen/café eating ice cream, a sandwich or fish & chips.

After a slightly longer coach trip, thanks to some sudden road closures, students were able to spend a short while looking around the small town of Burley. Some of the students went off in search of any animals that were surrounding the area, with one student being very intrigued when he found some deer, running towards them. Wandering around the small town, a few of the students bought some gifts from the local stores. A number of the students also took this opportunity to rest and hang out in the local pub with a cold drink.

After two very successful trips, and some very tired students, all of the students had an amazing week. Hopefully this has been a time for students to make some new memories and experience new things, which they can remember when looking back on their time at Kings Bournemouth.

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