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Kings Bournemouth Alumni reunite after 30 years

14 Oct, 2022
Kings Bournemouth Alumni reunite after 30 years

Throughout the year, we have a lot of students that come back to see us and the school. It's great to be able to see how past students have grown since being at Kings Bournemouth, as well as for us to hear stories and memories they have of being with us.

Last month we had three past from Sweden visit us – Ewa, Sonja and Stina. They met in 1992 whilst studying at Kings Bournemouth for four months and expressed how they all loved studying and that the time they had at Kings was "life changing". They had a tour around the school and met all the current staff, some of whom were there when they were studying. They commented on how the school looked very similar but slightly smaller than they remember!

It is lovely getting to meet past students, especially hearing their personal memories. Ewa, Sonja and Stina spoke about their inter-railing journey through Europe, where they met new people who have become friends they still keep in contact with today. They also mentioned the fact that they missed being able to have chocolate hobnobs back in Sweden!

Being able to hear about past students and their times at Kings is a great reminder of the journey that the school has taken. With new students arriving all the time, it is a nice time to be able to meet students who have experienced the Kings Life and came back to see how it has transformed since their time here.

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