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Kings Boston's second annual Pie Tasting Day

21 Nov, 2023
Kings Boston's second annual Pie Tasting Day

On Tuesday, November 21st, at 10:30am, students and staff at Kings Boston hurried downstairs to the school office in eager anticipation of the tastiest time of the year: Pie Tasting Day.

The second in what has become an annual day of pie tasting for students and staff of Kings Boston, Pie Tasting Day was developed as a way to introduce international students from various countries to the pies common to US bakeries and pastry shops. And what better time of the year to do so? Thanksgiving. A time of family, friends, and... food!

Americans love their Thanksgiving meals, and one of the staples for any Thanksgiving meal is pie. So students were welcomed to come down to the Kings Boston office and try plenty of this traditional Thanksgiving dessert.

Students and staff wasted no time digging into an assortment of delicious pies. What started off as a pristine array of completed pastries quickly transformed into a merry display of devoured delectables. And that's what you want on a day meant to introduce people to pies, because pies are meant to be enjoyed wholeheartedly.

There were apple pies, banana cream pies, and chocolate cream pies; there was a pecan pie, and a pumpkin pie, too!

In little time, students had taken grateful advantage of this tasty opportunity to satisfy their curiosity—and stomachs.

All in all, the Second Annual Pie Tasting of Kings Boston was a success. Students and staff alike went back to class and work with full stomachs and satiated smiles.

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