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Kings Boston students take on the Statue Scavenger Hunt

06 Apr, 2021
Kings Boston students take on the Statue Scavenger Hunt

Kings Boston Teacher and Student Experience Coordinator, Ben Gross, recently set students a scavenger hunt challenge to track down eight famous statues around central Boston.

Students were given photos of the statues to find, and it was then down to them to locate the famous Boston landmarks. It was a grey and drizzly day but luckily the snow had melted and signs of Spring were starting to emerge!

Students were asked to take photo evidence/selfies with each statue that they found.

One of the statues included was ‘Make Way for Ducklings’ – found in the Boston Public Garden, just round the corner from the school. It has been there since 1987 and the bronze statues of the “Mallard” family are from the 1941 classic children’s book Make Way For Ducklings by author Robert McCloskey.

Another of the statues on the list was that of Benjamin Franklin — one of the founding fathers of America. As the students found out, it is located outside Old City Hall and features on the city’s famous ‘Freedom Trail’.

The winning team was made up of Cesar Espinoza, Cesar Esteban Muñoz & Jorge Luis Vega. Cesar Espinoza is a keen Photographer with his own Photography business back home in Panama. He’s been taking lots of amazing photos around Boston and acting as unofficial group photographer amongst his classmates. You can find him on Instagram at @ces.art_.

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