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Kings Boston: My time at Fisher was like an adventurous movie

07 Jan, 2023
Kings Boston: My time at Fisher was like an adventurous movie

Tulip Jettakun studied at Fisher College with the help of Kings Education, and she couldn't be more pleased with the results.

"My time at Fisher was like an adventurous movie!"

Tulip's start in the U.S. wasn't the best. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her previous college suddenly went 100% online and her visa unexpectedly was close to expiring.

"They told me I would have to fly back to Thailand after two weeks of classes. I decided to look elsewhere online for days as time was ticking."

After three days of searching, Tulip discovered Fisher College. She calls it her place of hope. "It was the only place that guaranteed to be hybrid and able to extend my visa."

Tulip called Fisher College, and by April 5th, 2021, she was starting college for the second time.

"My classmates were all friendly," says Tulip. And they stayed true to their friendly selves when Tulip tested positive for COVID and needed to attend class remotely.

"Everyone was giving me love and caring gestures while I was in quarantine. Every classmate greeted me every morning through Zoom daily until we finally reunited again."

Tulip will always have a second family at Fisher College and Kings Boston.

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