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Kings Boston holds fundraiser for Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

24 Feb, 2023
Kings Boston holds fundraiser for Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Matthew Ford, Student Services Coordinator, at Kings Boston fills us in on one student's efforts to raise money for the victims of the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

"Turkish students of Kings Boston were concerned and distraught for their family and friends. One student, Mert Okter, inspired students and staff to do something about it.

Teacher Patrick created a link for a GoFundMe, and our Student Experience Coordinator posted about it on Teams. Kings Boston's donations ended up equaling $5,190 Turkish Liras, making a substantial contribution to the relief efforts of Iyilik Rengi, the civil organization led by Mert's brother, Can.

With 13 minibuses, Can Okter and his team were among the first organizations to arrive at the scene of the earthquake in Turkey. They were the first to help victims directly.

In just five days, this non-governmental organization, which was established by Can and his wife three years ago, collected One and a half million Turkish Liras for the earthquake relief using their official bank account supervised by the minister of finance. The money that Kings students and staff rasied directly assisted the efforts in that zone.

Mert and his brother know all too well how financial assistance helps during these disasters, as this is not the first time Turkey has been struck by tragedy.

"At the end of the day, we live for these moments. We work, we earn, we learn, we eat, we sleep, we collect… We do these things so that we are ready at times of disaster for those desperate people. Otherwise, there is no meaning about learning, earning, or working! Thanks to all of the Kings family!"

I couldn't have said it better, Mert. Thank you for your impassioned activism.

Kings Boston's GoFundMe.

Find out more about how you can help.