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Kings Boston: Getting into the Thanksgiving spirit

23 Nov, 2022
Kings Boston: Getting into the Thanksgiving spirit

Matthew Ford, King Boston's Student Services Coordinator, fills us in on Kings Boston's recent pie tasting event ahead of Thanksgiving.

"Students and staff alike were surveyed for their favorite pies. That information was tabulated, and apple was, without a doubt, the most popular pie. But Kings Boston didn't stop at apple.

On Tuesday morning, 9 pies were brought into the office, many of which did not last more than a couple of hours! You see, students and staff were told to come to the office during break periods so that they could help themselves to plenty of pie! Banana cream, pecan, chocolate cream, and pumpkin were the other kinds besides popular apple.

But within minutes, it was clear that banana too was a favorite. Most of it was gone!

Students and staff left with full stomachs and a sense of what was to come for Thanksgiving."

Happy Thanksgiving!

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