Kings awarded ESL School Group of the Year 2017!

On 30 November, ESL — Europe's largest and most respected agency for language courses — hosted their gala awards ceremony in Barcelona. This is an annual event at which their prestigious and widely respected Language Travel Awards are conferred.

The ESL Awards are based on highly detailed feedback which is rigorously complied from the direct experiences of thousands of ESL students and hundreds of ESL counsellors.

That is why we are particularly proud to have won the most prestigious and important award of them all — School Group of the Year 2017.

All of us at Kings work hard to create the ideal conditions to ensure the best possible experience for every student, from their very first enquiry to the day they finally leave us. That is why this award is for all our staff, both in our schools and those who work outside them.

The Kings team hugging as they win the ESL Award.

Krister Weidenhielm, Head of Partnerships and Products at ESL said:

"At ESL we’ve always been carefully collecting our students feedback and reviews to monitor our quality standards through each individual experience.

Our feedback forms assess our students' experience 360° with detailed questions about all services and the results are available for the public online, not only for potential students to have first-hand access to it but also for our partner schools to benefit from this constructive feedback as an additional source of information about the services they offer.

The ratings coming from ESL students reflect a large diversity of students: a great variety of nationalities, ages, type of courses, study lengths, study periods, accommodation types etc., thus resulting in meaningful average scores.

Nominees are selected according to the last 12 months' results of ESL's students ranking reviews (completed after their stay and published online), combined with an internal ranking coming from a questionnaire about "best practices" filled out by more than 180 ESL staff working directly with our partner schools.

The winner is the school with the highest score merging both students and ESL team members rankings. The ESL Awards offer schools a thorough and objective benchmark, based on B2B and B2C satisfaction and quality criteria.

More than 400 ESL partner schools around the world are eligible for an award.

The School Group of the year award is certainly one of the most challenging. It requires that each school of the group has a high score, reflecting quality standards all across the group. Congratulations to Kings for this achievement!"

Shelan Rodger, Kings Regional Director for EMEA, added:

"The photo of us all hugging on stage says it all — we were over the moon! It was a truly emotional moment going on stage to receive the award.

Of all the ESL awards, this was the one that depended not just on one school but on all our schools in the UK and the US. It is also the award that measured how easy we are to work with for ESL staff, so for many reasons, we are extremely proud to have won this one.

The ESL initiative is a bold and innovative one that sets the bar for quality in our industry and it is an honour to share the stage with other winning school partners and to have won such a prestigious award ourselves."