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Kings Alum receives job offer from Google

04 May, 2022
Kings Alum receives job offer from Google

We recently met with Kings alum, Quoc Binh Trinh from Vietnam, to discuss his studies after successfully transferring to UW-Madison for Computer Science.

Binh double majored in Computer Science and Data Science from Madison in December 2021 and received amazing job offers from Amazon and Google. Binh is now a Software Engineer at Google headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

He mentioned the Career Fair held by UW-Madison for graduating students helped him to meet with representatives and recruiters from Fortune 500 companies looking for new employees.

Having access to company job recruiters sponsored by the university was an essential part of creating an opportunity for Binh to successfully obtain initial interest from American companies for an interview which led to two job offers from internationally known companies like Amazon and Google.

Kings wish Binh continued success with his career at Google!

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