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Work experience at Kings before my medical degree

24 Jul, 2022
Work experience at Kings before my medical degree

Karim Akkad completed A-levels with us in London last year as part of his preparations to study Medicine in the UK. Despite achieving excellent results, his university plans were affected by the Covid pandemic, and with an additional year to wait before he can begin his degree, he is now working as a lab technician at Kings London — a role which he hopes will help further skills required within the medical profession.

We recently caught up with him to find out more.

Hi Karim. What course did you do at Kings and what do you plan on studying at university?

I did my A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Kings London as a first step to study Medicine.

"I was able to secure a place at Brunel university, however, due to the Covid situation, my course was postponed until September 2022, so I had two options; either considering a different course, or take a gap year and develop some essential skills that will be required of me in the medical profession.'

What role are you doing at Kings currently, and how did that come about?

Giving up my dream to be a cardiologist did not feel right to me.

"I explained my situation to Kings to get some inspiration and everyone there was supportive and eager to provide some advice for me, then I received a call from the school offering me a job as a lab technician."

What are you enjoying most about it so far and what do you hope to gain from the experience?

I was extremely excited about the job because it was an opportunity to learn and develop invaluable skills for my future studies. There are multiple aspects I am specifically enjoying about my job, including carrying out research, where I am able to explore a wide range of topics, analyse and establish my own conclusions.

From your own experience as a student, what do you think are Kings’ main strengths?

My experience at Kings as a student was unique. I was able to make friends from all around the world and learn about their cultures and traditions. I was also well supported by my teachers, who were keen to encourage, guide and support me throughout my course.

How has it been living and studying in such a world-famous capital city?

Personally, studying in a diverse city such as London has enabled me to have access to a world-class education, expand my social network and it has introduced me to different cultures through the breathtaking sights it offers.

What advice would you give to other international students considering taking A-levels or Foundation programmes with Kings?

"If I were to give an advice to international students considering a course at Kings, I would say Kings has helped me in every step I was taking and I know for a fact that your education, university choices and safety will be their top priority."

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