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Beginning the path to Med School with Kings

30 Nov, 2020
Beginning the path to Med School with Kings

Awal Olajide Kassim Jide for short — is studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths A-levels at Kings London. Here, he tells us about his time at the school so far, and his hopes for future studies in Medicine.

Hi Jide. How are you finding being a student at Kings so far?

My experience has been good. During the first one or two weeks, it was quite hard to get into the routine of studying again because I’ve been out of school for a long time, but now I feel like I’m really understanding my subjects more and getting my routine back together.

Why did you choose to study here at Kings London?

"I came in to speak with Adam [Kings London Principal] and I really liked the atmosphere here. I also liked how the teachers are more connected with the students, which is helpful when learning."

How are you finding your subjects?

It’s hard, especially with the subjects that I’ve chosen, but I feel like I’m able to get underneath it and keep on top of the workload.

How do you feel about the class sizes?

The class sizes are smaller which I like, it’s nice.

Do you feel supported by your Kings teachers and the other school staff?

I definitely feel supported by the staff. For my teachers, they’re for my subjects, so I wouldn’t really go to them if I had any concerns, but they do help with providing extra resources if I need them.

Have you joined any clubs or activities?

I’ve joined the football activity, and the games like chess. I’d also like to do the Debating Society, which I haven’t had time to do yet but have in mind.

Have you attended any university talks, UCAS counselling sessions or University Fairs?

No not yet this year.

"I attended a university talk for Medicine during lockdown, which was useful and helped me decide whether I wanted to do it — it gave me a good feel for the subject."

How are you finding learning in an international environment?

It’s really interesting to see other people’s cultures and I enjoy it because I’m talking to different people everyday and they speak different languages. It’s really nice to mix with different people from different places.

You’ve said that you want to study medicine in the future. Do you have any universities in mind yet?

I haven’t really thought about that yet! I would have to choose the universities that would suit me best. I would probably make a checklist and see which universities would benefit me the most.

Have you adapted well to school life with the new COVID guidelines in place? Do you feel safe?

"The school has done the most they can to make sure that the students and teachers are safe, so yeah, I do feel safe."

I missed one day of school when I wasn’t feeling well, and it was on a Friday when I had Biology and Chemistry so I joined the lessons online via Teams and I got sent the work, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

Would you recommend Kings London to other students?

Yeah, I really would. Especially for focusing on your work, meeting different types of people, and learning about different cultures, I would recommend it.

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