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Inspiring trip to the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court

27 Mar, 2017
Inspiring trip to the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court

Hi, my name is Xue You and I’m from Malaysia. I’m currently doing my A-levels in Kings Oxford and would love to do Law in the future. Studying Law in the UK has always become a dream of mine, and I look forward to the day where my dreams turn into reality. The UK’s Law has always fascinated me and it constantly draws my attention away from everything else. When I was in high school, I’ve always been curious about how laws are made and what process it has to go through in order for it to become an actual law.

On the 3rd of February, along with the Politics and History students, we were privileged enough to be able to visit the place where laws are made, the Houses of Parliament, as well as the Supreme Court. When I was told about the trip by my law teacher, it gave a sense of excitement because not many people are as fortunate as I am to be able to visit those places.

We left Oxford on a coach, and the first place we went was the Supreme Court. My very first impression when I reached there was, “What? This is a courtroom?”, then, we were told we could walk in to the courts and finally, I was left speechless and astonished when I was able to walk into the courtroom where the Brexit decision was made just a week before we went. Well, the courtroom was smaller than I expected but it was definitely an eye opener to see and experience the life in a courtroom; we were even allowed to have a picture taken on the judge’s seat (not the middle one) but it hit me hard, and I told myself one day, I’d like to be in the position where I can make those key decisions sitting on the very exact spot.

The Houses of Parliament, however, is where it gets very interesting. I was able to see in real, the place where laws are debated, the place where bills are heard and most importantly, the place where LAWS are made. We were fortunate enough to have our very own tour guide, John Gillam, to bring us around a very fundamental place in all of UK history.

Visiting the H.O.P made me understand the law-making process much better, and it gave me a clearer idea on what I should do in order to be a good lawyer in the future. What I enjoyed most was the part where we stepped foot into the Chambers where Parliamentary Debates were held. It was an amazing experience looking at the place where new laws are argued to be implemented, and where most of the key leaders in the UK gather for meetings and what not. I was also able to see an example of Hansard, a written record of every debate, which helps me so much in developing some of my essay topics in law.

This has undeniably the best experience I ever had and thanks to Kings, for giving me the opportunity to explore my dreams.

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