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Influencer takeover at Kings Los Angeles!

19 Aug, 2022
Influencer takeover at Kings Los Angeles!

Social Media Influencer, Jieun Tea, enrolled in the English Plus Film course at Kings LA, and she gives us a look at what her experience was like.

Why did you choose Kings LA?

I chose Kings LA as my place of study because of the opportunity to learn diverse and specific courses deeply.

How did it feel being an influencer at Kings LA?

I felt regular and very comfortable to be an influencer at Kings LA. My experience there was great!

With Kings LA being located in Hollywood, did being in an area where there are so many celebrities and influencers help you connect with other people in the industry?

Yes, the location of Kings LA helped me a lot. I met a lot of people who are majoring in film and media arts and working in the film industry. So, I really had the chance to hear about the realities of the film industry from my teacher and new friends from all around the world.

What was your favorite memory at Kings LA?

My favorite memory at Kings LA would be the time I spent filming during Ryan’s class.

We got individual feedback from him while working on our projects, he encouraged all the students often and made sure that everyone participated and did their work. I am currently majoring in film and media arts, and it was my first time having a teacher like Ryan. I loved his course!

Do you think your studies at Kings LA helped you with your career? If so, how?

Yes, I have been doing a lot of broadcasting internships while being a university student and none of them were like my experience at Kings LA. This time, I was able to learn new tips and tricks about filming, connect with great people in the industry and understand how to engage more. I know this experience will help me with future filming jobs and activities.

What's next for you after graduating from Kings LA?

Since I am still a university student, I will be going back to South Korea to continue my studies.

With the information and material I have been taught by my teacher Ryan, I think it will help me in choosing which part of the film industry I would like to pursue more.

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