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Indoor paintball fun for summer students in New York

26 Sep, 2023
Indoor paintball fun for summer students in New York

This August our student workers Danielle and Kelly took some of our students to an indoor paintball arena, where they experienced playing an extreme sport for the afternoon.

It was a fun-filled and thrilling 3-hour experience. Everyone was out of breath by the end of the day, but the students as well as the staff enjoyed navigating the indoor maps of Area 53.

Though some of the students had played paintball before, they had never played it indoors, which gave them a different feel and play experience.

Despite varying levels of expertise, the students all showed immense focus and interest when playing. One of the students commented: “At first, I didn’t want to do it because it looks scary, but I had fun and now I can say that I did paintball!” Another student exclaimed: “I have never done something like this in Taiwan, but it's really fun.”

Overall, it was a great experience and on a side note, we won!

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