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Improving my English to communicate with foreign clients for business | 提升英語能力,拓展國際業務

22 Jan, 2019
Improving my English to communicate with foreign clients for business | 提升英語能力,拓展國際業務

Pei-An Wang (Payton) and Yu-Pei Ke, a couple from Taiwan, are currently taking an English course at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood). We caught up with them to find out about how they are developing their English inside and outside the classroom.

Hi, tell us about yourselves and where you're from.

Payton: My name is Pei-An. My American name is Payton and I am from Taiwan.
Yu-Pei: I'm Yu-Pei and I am from Taiwan.

What made you decide to come and improve your English?

Payton: I choose to learn English because of business.

What kind of business do you have?

Payton: I usually go to the business exhibitions in China and Hong Kong because I have a textile factory in Taiwan. But at these exhibitions it's a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese companies. I have to find other businesses from Europe or North America. So I have to improve my English.

What about you, Yu-Pei? Why are you learning English?

Yu-Pei: Because he told me he wanted to go to English school.
Payton: Actually, I persuade her to follow me here!

So Yu-Pei, you're learning English because he introduced you? That's a good idea! What made you guys choose Kings over the other English schools?

Payton: First of all, because it's Kings Los Angeles and it's Hollywood. Hollywood is a very famous place in my country! Everyone knows Hollywood.

What courses are you taking?

Payton: Now, we are in different classes. I just moved to Guided Study so I’m in the Compact Course. This schedule lets me do several things after class. But I still have time to memorize and study my grammar.

What area of English is more difficult for you?

Yu-Pei: For me speaking is hardest.
Payton: For me, listening and maybe writing is a little difficult.

Payton, do you think that speaking is easier?

Payton: I think my speaking is a little easier because I studied English in different English schools.

Do you think Kings Los Angeles is the best one?

Payton: I think the prices here are better than many schools.

What do you enjoy most about your classes?

Payton: I like my teacher, Adam. Before him, I was in class with teenagers and people younger than me with different opinions and interests. Now I am in the 25+ class and I really like his strategy to make the class more enjoyable for us.
Yu-Pei: He makes English easier to learn because he's really humorous and funny.

Where do you live?

Payton: We live at La Mirada!

Have you participated in any of the activities?

Yu-Pei: We love basketball games! We went to a Lakers game in October.

Where are your classmates from? Do you have classmates from all over the world?

Payton: Yes, we do. Some are from Japan, some are from Russia and Saudi Arabia.

How do you feel about the location of the school?

Payton: The school's location is good. We're close to restaurants, the gym, supermarkets. It's really good.

What is the best thing about LA for you?

Yu-Pei: For me, it's all of the beaches and the ocean. During the summer, the weather is great.

What would you tell anyone who wants to learn English and they are considering Kings Los Angeles?

Yu-Pei: I would tell them that if they wanted to improve their English then they can choose Kings.











俞佩妳是因為他的關係所以學習英語?這個理由很好! 請問選擇就讀Kings的原因?









Payton: 我認為Kings洛杉磯校區是一間CP值很高的學校。


Payton: 我最喜歡的老師是Adam。之前我的班上同學大都是青少年,他們年紀都比我小,比較沒有共同想法跟興趣。現在班上同學年齡相仿,至少25歲,我非常喜歡老師做這樣的調整,也讓我更加享受課堂學習。


Payton: 我們選擇學校宿舍La Mirada。




Payton: 是的,同學們有來自日本,俄羅斯和沙烏地阿拉伯。


Payton: 學校地點很棒,鄰近餐廳,健身房,超級市場,生活機能健全。


俞佩:洛杉磯海灘! 這裡的夏天氣候非常舒服。




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