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Improving my English in Brighton

09 Feb, 2018
Improving my English in Brighton

Chang Shu-Yun (Sophia) is from Taiwan, and is studying on the Diploma of English course at Kings Brighton. She tells us her impressions of the school and the city.

Hi Sophia. What are you studying at Kings Brighton and why?
I am studying English, to improve my English for University in the U.K.

Why did you choose Kings?
I chose Kings because firstly I found an agency in my country and they recommended Kings to me. They said the language course in Kings is very good for studying and students can enter a good university, so I trust him and I came here.

How is your course going?
The course is nice and I have improved my English.

Where are you staying in Brighton?
I am staying in the residence. The residence is very nice and also it is very near the school — it is in the same building so it is very convenient for me!

Have you taken part in any of the enrichment classes?
I have taken part in yoga class and the art class. I think the yoga class is very nice because I feel very relaxed. Art club is very nice because I can draw and paint. It is my subject so I really enjoy it.

Have you made many friends?
Yes, I made lots of friends that come from different countries.

What do you think of the location of the school?
I think the location in Brighton is very nice because it is not far from the sea and also they have many different kinds of shops near the school and many different types of restaurants like Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Turkish. It is very convenient as well as it is very close to the city centre and Churchill Square (shopping centre) is only 15 minutes by walking so the location is quite nice.

Have you explored Brighton?
Sometimes I walk to the beach in the afternoon because the scenery is very nice. In the evening, the sunset is very beautiful by the beach. The buildings are very colourful in Brighton and there are so many special shops, selling special clothes and souvenirs about the city, and I think it is very interesting.

What can you tell us about your time in Kings?
I think Kings is a very nice place. I think people here are very friendly and I also think the teachers here are very nice.

The school is not too large so the students and teachers can get on very well. The teachers know all the students — it is like a family, the teachers know every student very well. If I have a problem, the teacher can solve it and I feel very warm about it. Sometimes even when the problem is personal, I can talk with the teacher. I think it is very good to choose here.

Also the classes are small, there are not too many students so I feel very comfortable in a small group so I think the teacher can care about every student and also monitor the progress of each student. I think it is an advantage to choose here.

On some special days like Christmas and Halloween, I think the school organised activities very well — like we had a party with staff, students and teachers which was very nice. At the time I was very happy!


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