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Ice Skating, a Winter Ball and Twelfth Night at Kings Bournemouth

22 Dec, 2022
Ice Skating, a Winter Ball and Twelfth Night at Kings Bournemouth

Kings Bournemouth students rounded off 2022 with lots of festive activities. Here are just a few!

Ice Skating

For their last PE lesson of the year, our GCSE students went ice skating. It was a lovely opportunity for the students to spend time in the community, as well as try out a new activity. Some of the students had never ice skated before, while others did a lot of ice skating back in their home country. Many of the students picked up the new skill very quickly and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. There were a few falls but everyone helped each other, making it a very successful PE lesson.

Winter Ball

The Student Council hosted a Winter Ball for the academic students, at the Riviera Hotel. With some guidance from the Principal, the students pulled off planning a lovely evening. A special shout out to Daniel Buna, who did an amazing job at planning and organising a brilliant event. The students had a three-course meal, followed by lots of dancing. As well as the academic side of the student's programme, being able to enjoy moments with their friends outside of learning, is just as important in the journey they have at Kings Bournemouth.

Christmas Production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

As part of their academic enrichment, some of our academic students choose drama. As part of this, the students focused on learning and developing a production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night! For some of our students, English is not their first language, so it was amazing to see so many students being able to grasp the Shakespearean language. The show was a great example of the dedication and talent our students have. Everyone enjoyed the production – it was a very successful day.

Everyone at Kings Bournemouth would like to give a big congratulations to our Drama teacher, Rob Walker, and all our academic students who pulled off an amazing Christmas production. Watch a recap of the performance here!

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