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IBF student Ying Yang Wong reports back on Kings London University Fair

19 Nov, 2019
IBF student Ying Yang Wong reports back on Kings London University Fair

Twice a year Kings London hosts a special event with representatives from all major universities, where students can talk directly to a wide range of institutions about the courses they offer. International Business Foundation student from Hong Kong, Ying Wang Wong, talks about the London University Fair.

How do enjoy the recent University fair at Kings London?

It was good to speak to universities about the offer and what I need to achieve. Also what IELTS level I need to get into the course. I also asked them about the environment of the university and what it’s like to study there.

What do you like about studying at Kings London

I can communicate with students from other many other countries and they are so friendly and the teachers are so good because I can ask them anything about my work and any corrections I need to make.

What do you want to do after you finish the IBF?

I’m going to university. It was interesting talking to Ting Chan from Coventry University which sounds really interesting. She is also from Hong Kong so I found a friend! (Laughter) She gave me a lot of information about the university which was really helpful.

What kind of work would you like to do eventually?

I would like to work in business marketing or business management. I’m still working it out.

How do you feel the IBF will help to prepare you for further study and work in business?

The IBF is in two parts, Communication and Academic subjects.

Before I came here I didn’t speak too much in English but now I am here I can improve my communications skills. In the Academic subjects I am learning a lot and improving my business knowledge. It’s not easy, but if you work hard you can get a high mark.

Would you recommend the course to other students?

Yes, of course. Being here is the best way to get to university.

(Pictured: IBF student, Ying Yang Wong and Ting Chan, International Officer from Coventry University at the Kings London University Fair - October 29th 2019)