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'How are you feeling?' English Plus Digital Marketing students in Brighton design new student welfare video

21 Jan, 2020
'How are you feeling?' English Plus Digital Marketing students in Brighton design new student welfare video

English Plus Digital Marketing course students from Kings Brighton recently had the opportunity to work with the Kings Central Marketing Unit on a project developing in-school communication.

They met with James Allwright, Head of Branding and Design for Kings, to discuss the project. What originally started out as a brief to create a poster for anti-bullying week, swiftly expanded Into a wider project to find the best ways to engage with students who might be feeling isolated or homesick. In the end, they decided that creating a video would be the best way to convey the message to their target audience.

Over the course of three weeks, the students worked with James to develop a storyboard for a video that would catch students’ attention and direct them to the right members of staff. Then they put together a strong first draft of the film, including soundtrack, footage and titles, which would be able to be shown on the media screens across the school.

Andres from Brazil (pictured above), who was part of the project from start to finish said "It has been one of the best experiences I've had in my life. The behaviour, support and learning methodology of teachers makes everything easier, which motivates you to always give your best in each class. The marketing course has given to me the opportunity to learn the behaviour of the market in the United Kingdom, how the market motivates culture and how to open a field in a cosmopolitan market.”

James added “It was a pleasure working with the students, and the experience increased my understanding of what it is like to be a student in one of our schools. It can be daunting starting school in a new country, and anything we can do to smooth that transition by strengthening the channels that we communicate with each other is well worth investing in.”

The final video aims to reach out to any students who are struggling and let them know that the worries they may have are totally normal and that the Kings Brighton welfare team are always on hand to talk to. We strive to ensure all our students feel happy, safe, and supported by their school community.

Congratulations to all the students involved for creating a thoughtful and unique video. View now below.