Honoring Earth Day at Kings New York

In honor of Earth Day on 22 April 2019, Kings New York English students in Ana Scaramella's class collaboratively worked on a project to raise awareness about the importance of saving our planet for future generations.

The students researched ways we can all help save the environment, then created videos to show their findings. Yorlene, Saraly, Yaneris and Keysi also designed T-shirts spelling out 'I am the Earth' (pictured).

Blanca's video illustrates the huge problem and impact of plastic waste, and asks what we can do to reduce ocean plastic:

Kathiusca shares creative ideas of how to to reuse and 'upcycle' old clothes, furniture, plastic bottles and even food waste:

Rudy, Samy, Jose and Jorge made a film with a simple message of 'Let's save our planet':

Dafnia's video 'Protect our home called Earth' explains the three steps of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle:

Isabel and Xiomara film asks 'What are you doing to change the world?' and shows how we can all do our bit to reduce waste:

Well done to all the students who did an amazing job on their projects!