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Great places to eat and drink near Kings London

14 Dec, 2020
Great places to eat and drink near Kings London

English teacher at Kings London, Liz Gilbert, and social media ambassadors Jinhee and Mibuki share their recommendations for good places to eat or get a coffee near the school.

Shotsmiths Coffee


I’d like to tell you about a new coffee shop in Beckenham called Shotsmiths Coffee, which has opened recently. It is not so far from Kings London and takes 5 minutes on foot. It is busy, especially at the weekends, because it’s new, so I recommend you to go there on weekdays.

They serve various tasty beverages and breads, though I haven’t tried them they definitely looked nice. They make a drink one by one carefully for customers and you’ll feel as if you can see how they make your drink.

The staff are friendly and kind and they sometimes suggest food to have with your drink; you can ask them which one goes well with your drink if you’re interested.

My best recommendation is their flat white as you can taste not only the coffee strongly, but the touch of silky and smooth milk. What’s more, there are other beverages such as hot chocolate if you’re not a fan of coffee.

The biggest thing I want you to tell is that they give you a loyalty card, so you can get a free drink if you collect 10 stamps, which is, personally, easy to manage as their products are really fancy. However, their cup is a bit smaller than usual size so be careful about that!

Pizza Express, Beckenkam


This restaurant is simply the best place to eat. I’ve been there twice to have a pizza with Kings friends. It was delicious! The service was good as well.
 They were really kind, even when I asked for small things.

Even though London prices are normally terrible, it was reasonable. It’s worth eating out here!

Novi & Co., Beckenham


Novi & Co. is not a restaurant but a coffee shop. It is really popular for brownies, which are fabulous.

There’s a queue all the time when I’m on my way to school every morning.
 Liz, my English teacher, goes there, and also my friends. What a lovely coffee shop! I’m sure that I’ll miss it when I go back to Korea.



Eatwell is a locally run healthy food cafe where you can order a yummy, healthy lunch. I particularly like the halloumi wrap and the plant-based burger with tenderstem broccoli or sweet potato fries. You can also enjoy a delicious, freshly made coffee, maybe with a cheeky dessert!

The staff are very friendly, the portion sizes are good, and the prices reasonable.

Steer clear of Eatwell on a Friday afternoon if you don't want to see your teachers!