Giving back to the community through volunteering in Boston

Students at Kings Boston recently visited the nearby Cradles to Crayons charity in order to volunteer their time to help with the sorting and packing of donations. Cradles to Crayons collects donations of children’s items — such as toys, clothes, and books — and distributes them to disadvantaged children throughout the local area. Jenny (Chia-Ying) Yang from Taiwan (second from left in photo), tells us about her experience.

On the afternoon in October, we went to “The Giving Factory” , which belongs to the charity named Cradles To Crayons. This factory accepts donations from many places, they also need volunteers to help classify and pack donated goods.

This time our mission was clothes classification, we had to pick out the donations which were dirty, broken or unsuitable, then separated them to different projects. We worked for only one hour and half, but we really enjoyed working together. We also hope that the children who receive the items will be happy.

Furthermore, I will not forget the slogan on the factory’s wall, “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve”.

2019年10月18日--伴著午後暖陽,這天我們到了Cradles To Crayons 的 The Giving Factory 參與義工服務活動。甫踏進這個大「工廠」,印入眼簾的是應有盡有的衣服及日常用品,還有大大的標語寫著 “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve”,完整詮釋了整個工廠的意義。

Cradles To Crayons 賦予義工的工作,包含捐贈衣物檢查及分類、包裝捐贈品等。此次我們的被分配的任務為衣物分類,大家分工合作,一一檢查從四面八方來的愛心衣物,淘汰髒污、老舊、不適合贈送的項目,為捐贈品做第一步把關,也希望藉由我們的參與,讓孩子們都能拿到適合、喜歡的衣物。