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Getting into the Fall spirit in New York

27 Oct, 2023
Getting into the Fall spirit in New York

This October at Kings New York, EFL and KPU students participated in several fall-themed events!

Our student workers put a lot of pride and effort into providing more personal and bonding-related activities outside of extravagant trips. We hosted smores night, candy apple decoration, and pumpkin carving to really bring the students closer to each other and have fun while doing so.

Our two student workers Danielle and Kelly hosted both candy apple decoration and pumpkin carving. Danielle and Kelly both went on to say,The turnout for each event was amazing, we only had a limited number of supplies and just barely had enough to give to everyone.” Both events really brought the students together and let them show off a little personality and creativity on every apple and pumpkin they carved and decorated. One EFL student said “I had fun decorating the apples and they were delicious at the end.”

Smores night was also a big hit with the students especially with our KPU students. Our student worker Sierra hosted the event and said, “The event posed as a nice stress reliever for both the students and student workers, since many of us were beginning to prepare for midterms it was nice to relax and eat some marshmallows.”

Every event we’ve hosted this month really brought the students together and provided them with a much-needed break from their studies. We brought the fall season to Kings NY.

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