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Getting into the Christmas spirit at Kings Oxford

16 Dec, 2021
Getting into the Christmas spirit at Kings Oxford

Cordie, our Marketing Content Producer in Oxford, reports back on the host of festive activities that have taken place throughout December!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had great fun getting into the Christmas spirit here at Kings, spreading lots of joy across both our Oxford campuses. Students have been really enthusiastic about getting involved in the decorating of both the schools. It has been a great way to boost the morale of both the students and the staff!

At our end-of-term Christmas party last week, students were able to come together, celebrate their successes and have one final evening before all returning to their families over the holiday break.

One of the students from St. Mikes, Jun, also organised a Christmas charity day to raise money for local cause Helen and Douglas House. It was a brilliant idea, and for an excellent charity.

Everyone dressed in Christmas-y attire, we had a cake sale at break, and organised an auction offering a variety of activities and exertions ranging from: a 20-mile bike ride around Oxfordshire with Nick one of our EFL teachers, to a private riding lesson with Michelle Durst; a talented horse expert, to sponsoring Aldo to stay silent for the whole day, quite the challenge for him to stay quiet during his classes!

Thanks go to Armando who decided to buy lots of fun decorations for St. Mikes reception on his break which really boosted morale amongst the staff! To his surprise and others, it helped raise lots of money! The day overall what a huge success, and so far we’ve raised upwards of £460 which is just amazing! So huge congratulations to everyone who was involved in making the event happen.

Speaking about all the Christmas-related events, English student Jasmin commented:

I’ve loved getting into the Christmas spirit at Kings, and the various activities we’ve been doing in the buildup to the end of term has helped get me in the Christmas spirit. It’s a bit different to the way we do things in Germany as we put things up like the decorations and the tree much later than over here, so it's definitely been nice with everyone getting the Christmas feeling. I think the charity sale and auction today was such a success, Christmas is all about having something to share, and a time to think about all the people that are not as lucky and fortunate as us. It was a great way to raise money for a local charity and a great idea from Jun.

This year will be celebrating in Germany in my hometown, Munich with my family. Traditionally I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my closest friends and family from my mum's side and then I will spend Boxing Day with my dad and his family. Last year, made things really difficult to see both sides of the family so I’m really excited to reunite with everyone this year over the Christmas period."

Fellow student Elsa added:

I love the lights, the decorations and markets that they’ve set up here in the centre of Oxford, it really helps everyone feel Christmas-y and in the festive spirit which is great because it reminds me that I’ll soon be home back with my friends and family. It Kings we’ve had a nice build up to Christmas with various activities which has been really fun with everyone getting quite involved. Me and some friends over the weekend had fun baking cakes and cookies for the charity cake sale today which felt really festive, baking always feels wholesome especially when you know it's for others to enjoy and knowing were raising money for charity too! This year I’m going to be spending Christmas at home with my family in Paris, we tend to celebrate Christmas Day all together with a big dinner in the evening.”

From everyone at Kings Oxford, a very merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!