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GCSE Results Day: Everything you need to know

31 Jul, 2022
GCSE Results Day: Everything you need to know

It's GCSE Results Day on Thursday and students up and down the country are nervously anticipating their results. It can be an anxious time but there are lots of ways to ease the stress and take it all in your stride.

Here we give you some tips about what to expect and how to cope.

What happens once you have your results

When you get your GCSE results, English language and Maths are key subjects that are likely to be minimum requirements for many schools and colleges so these are possibly the ones to look out for.

Specific subjects may be needed for progression to certain A-levels or other courses so check those against the requirements for your course.

If you’ve achieved the grades you need for progression to your Sixth Form or further study, it’s time to celebrate!

Students often find that one or two grades have slipped below their aspirations. Should this happened to you, focus on the positive grades you have achieved.

What if I didn’t get the grades I expected?

If your grades in particular subjects are below your expectations the first consideration may be if that affects your opportunities for progression. If it doesn’t then perhaps it is best to look forward rather than dwelling on the past.

If you feel that you performed better than the grades you received it may be possible, under specific circumstances, for you to appeal. Bear in mind that grades could go down as well as up so think carefully before you request this. It’s important to discuss the options first with your school and subject teachers.

Other options

If you haven’t achieved the grades you need and can’t progress as you intended, all is not lost. There are still plenty of other options.

You could retake your subjects or combine them with new ones or perhaps look at different course options or colleges which are better suited to your skills, interests and ambitions. Whatever happens, remember this is not the end, just another step on your journey.

Top 7 tips for sailing through Results Day

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. Lying awake the night before won’t change your results!
  2. Keep the day free and don’t make plans until you know your results.
  3. Make sure your phone and laptop are fully charged. You might need them.
  4. If you need to contact your school, find a quiet place away from distractions.
  5. Remember to have your sixth form/college details and requirements with you on the day
  6. Seek advice if needed and consider all your options carefully.
  7. Don’t panic! Whatever happens there are always paths open to you.