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Gaining confidence in English after 6 months in New York | 英語力に自信を持てるようになったニューヨーク6か月間留学

28 Feb, 2020
Gaining confidence in English after 6 months in New York | 英語力に自信を持てるようになったニューヨーク6か月間留学

Ayano Tachikawa, from Japan, took the Diploma of Intensive English course at Kings New York for 6 months. She began at Kings Level 5, and has made impressive progress in reaching Level 7. In her afternoon SIG lessons, Ayano has studied a range of topics including Business English and Fashion, Art and Design.

Please tell us your name and where you are from. Also please tell us about your home country.

My name is Ayano. I’m from Japan and my hometown is Chigasaki. It’s close to Tokyo, south of Tokyo. It’s famous for the Japanese music band Southern All Stars. They play J-pop. My hometown is also famous for the sea. We call it Southern beach. Many surfers go there and enjoy practicing. I don’t surf but I like to go to the beach just to put my feet in the water.

I was born in a different place, east of Tokyo and my family moved around a lot when I was growing up. My family even lived in Princeton, New Jersey for 3 years when I was 5 – 7 years old, and then we moved back to Japan.

How long have you been studying with Kings?

I have been studying at Kings for 6 months and my course is the Diploma of Intensive English.

What brought you to Kings? How did you hear about it?

I visited an agency in Japan and they told me about Kings. They highly recommended this school and they told me that the area is beautiful so I decided to come here.

In your class, what do you enjoy the most, and what do you find challenging?

In my morning class, in the beginning of the class, we have morning discussion, like what we did the day before, what our plans are for the weekend, and for me that’s one of my favourite parts of the class. I’m not very good at explaining something in English, I was never used to it but I moved to Suzi’s class in November and I feel it’s getting much better for me to explain things in English. I know the vocabulary but sometimes I can’t construct sentences and order them to explain something so I’m practicing this in class.

What Special Interest Group (SIG) classes have you taken? What do you do in the class?

Right now I’m in the Business English class so I’m learning topics and words about business. There are a lot of vocabulary words, new words that I don’t even know them in Japanese! I’m learning new words every day and it’s challenging every day and it’s very fun for me. I like international trade and exchange and we had lessons about this topic.
今ではビジネスイングリッシュを取っています。そこではビジネス全般に関するトピックや単語などを学んでいます。日本ですら知らない単語がたくさん出てくるんです! 毎日新しいことを学んでいますし、毎日新しいチャレンジがあります。でもとても楽しいです。トピックとしては国際貿易や為替などをやったレッスンが良かったです。

I also took English for Fashion, Art, and Design in September, we learned fashion one week, art in the second week. We learned about the history of art in the U.S. and architecture around the world. In the past, when I heard the word architecture, I always thought about European buildings, but in this class, we also learned about American architecture, like beautiful buildings such as the Flatiron Building in Manhattan and that really surprised me. I think it’s beautiful. Also, second week of September was Fashion Week in New York, so we learned a lot about the Fashion Week.

Have you taken part in any of the extracurricular activities outside of English classes? Please tell us about your experience.

I did pumpkin carving in the residence hall. It was so fun! It was a very special and precious experience for me because it was the first time I carved a pumpkin! I carved a face of my favorite character, Noface, from a movie called Spirited Away.
レジデンスでパンプキンカービングをしましした。楽しかったです! かぼちゃをあんなふうにやったことがなかったので、とても特別で貴重な体験でした。私は「千と千尋の神隠し」の「カオナシ」をやってみました。

Where are your classmates from?

Saudi Arabia, Spain, China, Brazil, Colombia, and Taiwan.

Ayano, you have had a unique experience with your accommodation as you lived with a host family in the beginning of your course, and now you’re living on campus in the student residence hall. Tell us a little bit about your experiences with homestay as well as living on campus.

The good thing about homestay is that I can have a delicious home-cooked meal, which was so delicious. My host often invited me to have dinner with her and the pasta with chicken and tomatoes was delicious! With homestay, I also experienced American lifestyle in an American family’s house. I also had my own room during so I had a lot of privacy. The challenge was that I had to take three buses to get to school. It is very close but there is no direct bus. First and second time traveling was difficult but then I got used to it and it was not a problem.
ホームステイの良いところは、家で実際に作った美味しい料理が食べられるところです。ホストと一緒にチキン・トマトパスタを食べましたが、美味しかったです! アメリカンライフスタイルをアメリカ人家庭で体験することができました。私の個室が与えられていたのでプライバシーもありました。大変だったところは学校に行くのにバスの乗り継ぎがあったことです。距離的には近いのですが、直行するバスがないので大変でした。後半は慣れてしまいましたが。

The good thing about living on campus is that it’s very close to school, and also, I have a roommate and I can talk to her any time so that’s very fun. I have better practice with English when I live on campus.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?

I recommend Kings. I feel like I improved my English. I speak English much better now than I did 6 months ago. Also, teachers, how can I say… For me, teachers are very kind and nice, thinking about us. I feel like I want to go to school every day because the teachers are so kind.