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Future Business Leaders at Kings London

21 Jan, 2024
Future Business Leaders at Kings London

On Thursday, the 18th of January, we had the privilege of hosting Professor Kamran Mahroof, a distinguished guest speaker from the University of Bradford, at Kings London. Professor Mahroof, who is not only a revered academic but also a regular contributor to BBC News programmes, brought his expert insights into the world of business and economics to our students.

Our students, including both A-Level and Advanced Level Foundation, received the unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge ideas in the realm of business leadership. The session titled "Business Leaders of the Future" was a thought-provoking exploration into what it takes to lead in the contemporary, rapidly evolving commercial landscape.

The presentation was an invaluable opportunity for all students who aspire to become the vanguards of tomorrow's business world. They gained insights from a highly respected figure in academia and media.

Professor Mahroof shared wisdom about the qualities and competencies that will define the next generation of trailblazers in business. It was indeed a morning of learning and inspiration!

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