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From Yangon to Sydney

15 Apr, 2024
From Yangon to Sydney

Having recently completed the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Yangon, Ryan Hwan is poised to embark on a new chapter at the University of Sydney, where he'll dive into commerce, focusing on business and finance.

Growing up in Yangon, Myanmar, amidst his family's F&B (food and beverage) business, Ryan developed a passion for business early on.

At Kings Yangon, he excelled in his business studies and honed his leadership skills through basketball and volleyball.

Ryan dreams of applying the knowledge gained in Australia to bolster his family's venture and support small businesses in Myanmar. His ambition is to contribute to the economic growth of his homeland, and make an impact in the business world, both in Myanmar and internationally.

With the lessons and values he's acquired, Ryan is eager to begin this next phase of his adventure.

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