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From Uganda to London to pursue a Medical career

12 Mar, 2023
From Uganda to London to pursue a Medical career

Meet Prudence Nakarwoko from Uganda, who is taking her Medical Foundation at Kings London.

Hi Prudence! When did you join us at Kings London?

I started in January 2023 and I like it here so far!

Why did you choose Kings London?

I always wanted to come to the UK and Kings seemed like a very good place for me to come. Everyone has been really helpful from the time I left Uganda and arrived in the UK.

The process was very organised and all the teachers were very welcoming so I think it’s a really good place to be. I think I can develop and grow from here.

How are you finding your course? Was it what you were expecting?

Well, it’s a bit different to what I expected but it’s very manageable, and it’s not so hard. Obviously, Medicine is not the easiest! If you concentrate and ask teachers, they are always willing to help. So far I like it.

What is the community like at Kings London?

The community is very big and it’s wide so it has exposed me to different cultures and people that I hadn’t experienced before. That’s a very good thing about Kings, it’s very international.

What are your plans for university?

I want to study Medicine but I am applying to do Biomedical Sciences and then go on to Medicine. I’ve applied to Queen Mary University of London, University of Plymouth, University of Brighton and University of South Wales but I want to go to Queen Mary University of London.

Do you think Kings has helped support you to progress to university?

Yes, Kings is very supportive. The UCAS Coordinator is very helpful. They give you all the information you need about all the universities and they make sure that your choices are your choices and that you are 100% sure that your chosen university is where you want to go.

They make sure that you know all the requirements for the university beforehand to avoid disappointment and they give you as much exposure to applications as you need so you have all the information.

What is your advice for students thinking about coming to Kings London?

I would recommend Kings because when you first come here they help you with your accommodation, getting a bank account and so many things. I think Kings is really reliable with things like transport, and giving you all the information that you need, even information that doesn’t revolve around the school.

The community is really friendly and it is known that when you leave Kings you leave with many different and diverse connections.

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