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From UAE to learning English in London

12 Apr, 2019
From UAE to learning English in London

Nasser AlKhyeli is from the United Arab Emirates, and has been studying Diploma of Intensive English at Kings London for 6 months. English teacher Liz Gilbert sat down with him to talk about his great progress, his time in London, and why English will be useful to him.

Liz: Hi Nasser, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re studying?

Nasser: I am 37 years old and I’m from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I am taking the General Intensive Course with IELTS Preparation at Kings.

When I started at Kings I only spoke a little little bit of English, and very basic, but now I am comfortable and feeling really different after completing 6 months.

Liz: I can see a really big change in your English! It’s much better, much more fluent — because your attitude to learning is so good.

Nasser: Thank you! I am really feeling comfortable now.

Liz: Why did you decide to come here?

Nasser: I needed a foreign language for my job, to connect with other people in other countries so I can talk English. I am a police officer in the UAE, and I will go abroad to another country to have training, and meet other people who speak English. Now English is important all over the world and you should speak English to many people. You can use it in a restaurant, you can use it in the office, in hotels... everything!

Liz: So your future plan is to use English in your work, and also in your general life? If you want to go on holiday and things like that, then speaking English is very useful.

Nasser: Yes, of course, in my life and with my children. I want my children to use English too — I hope that I can teach them!

Liz: Why did you choose Kings London?

Nasser: I didn’t know exactly who Kings were before, but my friends told me that it was a good school here in Beckenham.

Liz: Where have you been staying? Host family, Kings Apartments (student residence), or private accommodation?

Nasser: Actually, all of them! The accommodation team help me, it was really good. Thank you to the accommodation office for being a good team that will help any time if you need to speak on the phone or send an email or in the office — they help 24/7.

Liz: Did you like staying with a host family?

Nasser: Yes of course! When I lived with my host family I helped them the same as I would help my father and my mother, with cleaning and helping around the house. We talked together at meals and watching TV, and any other time!

Liz: What do you think about the school facilities, such as the buildings, computers, and these kind of things?

Nasser: I think that all of them are good.

Liz: Did you go on any activities and excursions with the school?

Nasser: Every month I spent one day up in central London. For example one time London Bridge, one time to a museum, one time a different activities. I like the activities, I met many other students and saw all different types of weather. I have enjoyed the multicultural experience.

Liz: Did you discover anywhere good to shop or eat in London?

Nasser: Yes a lot! For example the Buddha Bar restaurant, Coffee Costa, and the other coffee shop just round the corner from the school, and the cinema. I like the local area.

Liz: Was this the first time you had been to the UK?

Nasser: I came before 30 years ago! It was really different! When I came before I didn’t know any English, but now I know how to speak and use the trains and the underground. I am really comfortable now.

Liz: Would you recommend London and Kings for other students?

Nasser: Yes you should come to London! Me, I think next year I have a plan that I will come back here [to Kings] for one month, and when my children are old enough, I need them to come here and stay for one or two months.

Liz: That would be great, we run courses in the summer for younger students so I will give you details.

Nasser: Yes, please do!