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From studying English to starting a degree in Boston

21 Jun, 2019
From studying English to starting a degree in Boston

Yuya Kagami, from Japan, is in his second semester at Pine Manor College. He started his journey on the Diploma of Intensive English program, beginning in Level 2, and after 9 months of study he was ready to start college.

Yuya has been active in meeting people and participating in events, and has had many great experiences in Boston. He spent Spring Break this year skiing in Canada with a friend from France, and even joined the PMC volleyball team!

Why did you choose to study at Kings Boston?

Because Boston is the best place to study, right? Also, I heard Kings Boston is a good place to learn English and there are good teachers.

Why do you think Boston is the best place to study?

There are a lot of famous universities. I also heard that it is a quiet place. My image of the US is like Miami or NYC which is loud and crowded, but my image of Boston is opposite of that. Quiet is important to me because distractions will interrupt my learning of English.

What is your favorite class at Pine Manor College?

My favorite class is Sports Science because we don't learn just at the desk. We go to the gym to learn how to exercise. We also learn about the history of sports in the US. I think it is very interesting for me.

What is your major?

It used to be Exercise Training, but I changed it to Early Childhood Education because I want to be a Kindergarten teacher.

Are you interested in transferring to any particular schools for Education?

Actually, my International Student Advisor at PMC connected me with an Early Education professor at Harvard University. So, I am thinking about maybe applying there. He said if I work really hard, I could have a chance.

Did you know you can volunteer at PMC's Early Childhood Center?

Yes, I want to volunteer there next semester.

Tell us about your favorite extracurricular activity.

Of course, volleyball — I am on the team. I like it because I am the only international student on the team. It is a great place to practice English with native speakers. I made a lot of friends on the team.

Will you join the team next semester?

Yes, and we will win next semester! I am needed because I have one of the most difficult positions as setter. I have to assist the other players to get the point.

Are you happy that you chose to study at PMC through Kings Boston?

I planned to go to the university in the US after Kings ELP but it is much much harder to apply directly as a freshman than to start at PMC and transfer. I learned that because I tried to apply by myself. Also, my friend told me that I could get good grades at PMC and then transfer to a really good college. I could not do it by myself.

One more thing I want to say about making friends at Kings — I met a lot of people who have different nationalities, but we could be friends because we were always hanging out. We went kayaking and ice skating. There is a lot of nature around Boston, it is such a good place to move your body. We met one year ago and we still keep in touch with each other, even though they are in their home countries. So you might meet best friends at Kings. And when you go to Italy, you don't have to stay in hotels haha! I am going to visit my friend in Italy this summer.