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From Saudi Arabia to studying English in Bournemouth

18 Jan, 2019
From Saudi Arabia to studying English in Bournemouth

Meshari AlQarni is from Saudi Arabia, and has been studying English at Kings Bournemouth for five months. He tells us about his progress, future plans, and about being 'big brother' to new students.

What course are you on at Kings?
I study on the Intensive Course at Kings Bournemouth and will be studying Cambridge First Preparation from January. I started in the Pre-Intermediate level in August and at the end of 2018 I am an Intermediate level student.

Why are you improving your English?
I am here to improve my English because I want to study at an English university. I am studying towards score 6.5, or at least a 6.0, on my IELTS exam and will study at Kings until I receive this score. I aim to study a Chemistry master’s at university and later a PhD in Chemistry. I work as a Teaching Assistant in King Saud University in Riyadh and will go back to working there after I study in higher education in the UK.

What made you decide to come to Kings?
Kings has a very good reputation in the Saudi community. Some of my friends have been here before and they all highly recommend it.

How is your course going?
Fantastic! I am very happy at Kings and have scored 5.0 in my recent IELTS test. I like all my teachers and I like the two buildings I have studied in. Kings is a good school to learn English in.

Where are you staying?
I live nearby in Winton in a host family. They are a very nice couple with two children, one aged 8 and one aged 15. We all get along very well.

Have you taken part in any extracurricular activities at Kings?
Not that many, especially the ones outside of Bournemouth. I spend a lot of time studying so I don't get a chance to go on all the activities — I think I will in the new year though.

I have been to Conversation Club a few times to practice my speaking.

I am the designated 'big brother' for the Arabic students at Kings, I help them on the first days at Kings and they come to me if they have any issues. I am also part of the Student Council team — we meet monthly to discuss any issues students have with the school and facilities.

Have you made any friends?
Yes, I have made lots of friends since starting here. A few of them are Saudi but mostly my friends are from around the world. I like to have international friends as we can practice speaking English to each other and not just talk in Arabic.

What do you think of the school's location in Bournemouth?

"Bournemouth is a marvellous location."

I like being close to the sea and I take a lot of walks along the seafront. I also visit the large range of restaurants there are. The advantage of studying in town centre is that we are so close to town centre. I would go out more but the weather can sometimes be bad, it rains a lot!

Have you experienced other language schools?
No Kings is my first. I studied English in school in Saudi Arabia for six years but it wasn't very good, I then took a month of evening classes before coming to Bournemouth. Kings is much better.

What would you say to anyone considering come to Kings to study?
I totally recommend it. I have told some of my friends from Saudi Arabia to come here because it is very good for learning English. My friend came here for 2 weeks and loved it, it's a shame he couldn't stay longer due to work.