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From Nicaragua to Bournemouth

10 Feb, 2017
From Nicaragua to Bournemouth

Yader El Azar is currently studying the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Bournemouth. Here, he answers our questions on his time so far at Kings.

Hi, I am Yader. I am from Nicaragua but I have dual citizenship as my father is French. I have been to England before but it is my first time being alone without my family or with any other people.

What made you decide to come to the UK to study, and why did you choose Kings specifically?
I researched and was offered a place at Aston University. I spoke a lot to my family about attending a university straight away and then decided that I need a Foundation course to be successful in my studies. I felt it was more important to improve my English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics as they are so important for my Mechanical Engineering degree. Gladly, I could defer my degree and am now happy to be here.

What do you think are the best things about Kings?
The personal approach and how people support you. Everyone seems to help you grow in your personality, responsibilities and development.

How are you finding the Foundation course, and what subjects are you taking? What are your plans for university, and your future career?
Physics and Maths are my most important subject as I knew from the beginning I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering.

Where are you staying – in a residence or home stay? What are the best things about your accommodation?
I live with a host family and they are helpful. I live in Charminster and my family recommends where I can go shopping or they also recommend places for me to meet up with friends and go for food. I am a real foodie but at my host family, I get great food, so I really love it.

What things do you do outside school by way of activities? Are you involved in any clubs and societies?
I take part in a lot of clubs. Last term I was in DJ and Fitness club and was member of the student council. This year, I am also taking part in Lego Club and Table Tennis. Lego Club is great for me as it is a great way for relaxation and creativity.

What do you think of Bournemouth/UK? Had you visited before you started your course?
Bournemouth is a really active, vibrant city. There is so much going on, I don’t know how people could ever get bored here. No, I did not visit before I started my course.

 What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study the Foundation programme?
I consider the Academic department really great. I had a lot of new topics in a foreign language but you can always ask teachers for more homework. Teachers use all different methodology to really help you improve your level. I really appreciate this. From an educational point of view, I would definitely recommend a Foundation course before starting university and also the location of Bournemouth is great.

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