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From Mexico to five months in Bournemouth

28 Feb, 2019
From Mexico to five months in Bournemouth

Ana Paula Campos Goytia, from Mexico, took the Compact Course at Kings Bournemouth for 5 months, and tells us about her time living in Bournemouth, and the benefits of taking a longer course.

What are you studying at Kings?
I am studying on a Compact Course and have recently joined a Cambridge Advanced class. I will study here for 16 weeks.

Why are you improving your English?
For university. I would like to study literature and be able to read classic such as Jane Austin and Shakespeare in English. Hopefully in the future I can work in book translation.

What made you decide to come to Kings?
I wasn't ready to go to university yet so I thought I would go and improve my English and gather some ideas about my future.

How is your course going?
Really good, I really like my teacher Michelle.

Where are you staying?
I am staying in Kings Beach residence. It's a really beautiful place to stay as it sits on top of a hill. I have a beautiful room and a friendly common room.

Have you take part in any extracurricular activities?
I did more activities during the summer as we had nice weather. Now, I prefer to go to the library to study because it has a lovely ambience. I did far more activities and trips when I started but now I want to focus on studying and doing really well in class.

Have you made any friends?
Yes. It is easy to make friends in the residence because it has such a warm and friendly atmosphere.

What do you think of the school’s location in Bournemouth?
I study in St Peter's Quarter which has a great central location and is a really nice building. In summer I visited a lot of area in Bournemouth and the UK but now I want to focus more on classes and studying.

Have you experienced other English language schools?
No this is my first, although I have studied English and German before.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?
Come in the summer when it is busy and you will meet lots of new people, the weather is nice and you will have a good time. Make sure you stay for at least a month to get the full experience.


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