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From Malaysia to Kings Brighton

12 Mar, 2020
From Malaysia to Kings Brighton

Jonas is an A-level student at Kings Brighton. He is currently studying English Literature, Politics and History and has also become a Social Media Ambassador. One of the responsibilities of this role includes the student sharing their experience at Kings.

Hi Jonas, how are you finding your Kings experience so far?

Being at Kings has been really great so far! The teachers at Kings are friendly and there is a positive community here. My favourite aspect of Kings has to be the quality of education. Having supportive teachers inside and outside of the classroom means that I can meet my long-term goals quicker!

What made you choose your A-level subjects?

Currently, I am studying English Literature, Politics and History. However, English Literature is my favourite subject. I enjoy the reading aspect of English Literature and I aim to pursue a career in Law: this subject helps refine my writing skills.

I love the poetry aspect; it really is interesting. Alongside reading poems, we have to analyse and interpret them. It expands my creativity skills, as it can be interpreted in many ways and there is no fixed answer. This is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other subjects, which heavily depend on right and wrong answers.

The teachers often recommend books for us to read out of class, which means she wants to see us really stretch ourselves! The overall support at Kings Brighton is really nice.

My class consists of just two students, including myself! I wouldn’t say this is negative at all. The small class sizes just mean the teachers can allocate more time to each individual and makes it more of a focused learning experience. We have time to analyse points in-depth and to have much deeper discussions which are really beneficial. My classmate and I get on really well which means discussion is really open: be it about a poem, essay or anything really.

What do you enjoy most about living in Brighton?

It would have to be how compact the city is: it is really convenient to be able to walk short distances instead of using public transport. Although everything is close, you will eventually stumble across new vibrant places, which makes Brighton a really interesting place to live.

How did you feel when you became a Social Media Ambassador for Kings?

Well, I’d say that being a Social Media Ambassador for Kings has allowed me to express myself more through blog posts.

What advice would you give to potential students wanting to apply to Kings?

I would say there is no need to worry about fitting in here! The community at Kings will make you feel at home.