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From Malaysia to Kings Brighton

05 Jun, 2024
From Malaysia to Kings Brighton

Kings Brighton student Samitha, from Malaysia, shares her experience of taking the Kings Medical Foundation.

Hi Samitha! Why did you decide to come to Kings and the UK for your studies?

I heard good things back in Malaysia about Kings and I was curious, I did my research and decided it was the right place for me. I wanted to come somewhere that also had an international element. Brighton is a great city, it's very convenient and everything is in walking distance.

What is the benefit of being around so many different cultures?

I get to learn a lot about different people's backgrounds, food, culture. It's quite different to a traditional government school back home. I have made a lot of friends whilst being here!

What has been the highlight of your course so far?

I quite enjoy Biology and Chemistry. My teachers are really nice and supportive which makes studying more enjoyable. It's quite hard but that comes with the subjects!

What would you say is the biggest difference in teaching styles compared to in Malaysia?

The teachers are much more engaged with students here. Teachers back in Malaysia didn't really want to speak to students, I feel teachers at Kings care more. If you miss a lesson, the teachers will check up on you and make sure everything is ok. The welfare here is excellent, I feel comfortable speaking about any problems.

Tell us about your University offers!

I have had offers for Biomed at KCL and Medicine in Ireland. I think my preferred choice would be KCL because I have heard a lot of good things and it's a good area of where I want to progress to.

What would be your dream career?

I think if I go with Medicine I would like to specialise in Peadatrics, but if I am going to do Biomed it would be Neuroscience because I have a nerve condition, which Kings have supported me with, and there is no cure for it so I would like to go down that route.

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