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From Korea to studying English in Boston and LA

27 May, 2019
From Korea to studying English in Boston and LA

Seung Huh, from South Korea, studied the Diploma of Intensive English at Kings Boston for 8 months and has recently arrived at Kings Los Angeles for a further 3 months to continue his studies and experience a different part of the USA. He spoke to us before he left Boston, about his time there and plans for LA.

What made you decide to come to Kings Boston initially?

First, my parents suggested learning English in the USA. Second, I and my mother considered schools. Then, we decided to come to Kings Boston after considering our finances and the education of Kings Boston.

Why are you improving your English?

English is important in my country to apply for good companies. It gives me many opportunities.

Have you been happy in your accommodation at Kings Boston?

Totally — I'm satisfied in my residence. But, sometimes the cafeteria food was bad!

Have you taken part in any of the extracurricular activities?

These days I started taking Coffee and Conversation activity. It was one of the best chances to talk with the teachers. Also, it was a small group. Actually, I should have taken this activity a long time ago!

Have you made friends here?

I could meet people from various cultures, and I made a lot of friends. Also, I learned about different cultures. I will never forget my friends and experiences.

What do you think of Kings Boston's location on the Pine Manor College campus — do you use many of the campus facilities?

I usually use the gym facility. It was small but it was not bad to work out. And the school's location is little bit far from Downtown Boston, but we have a school bus and train station. It makes us comfortable to go out.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?

You can enjoy and learn about a lot of things. I recommend to come to Boston anytime (except winter!)

Why did you want to study in both Los Angeles and Boston?

Because I want to learn English. I had a lot of experience in Boston, but now I want to experience Los Angeles.

What are you most excited about in LA?

I want to enjoy LA life, like in the movies. I want to see Santa Monica, Hollywood sign, and K-Town! I also heard the weather is very good.

What will you miss most about Boston?

The friends and also the teachers.