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From Korea to 11 months studying and exploring in the UK

30 Apr, 2019
From Korea to 11 months studying and exploring in the UK

Kings London English student Ji Soo Kim is from South Korea, and has spent 11 months at Kings, including some time at Kings Oxford. She spoke to us about her time studying and exploring in London.

Hi Ji Soo! What English course did you take?

General Intensive course, and I have been here for 44 weeks. My lessons included activities and were interesting. I started in Level 4, and I am leaving at Upper Intermediate. I have done Art class in the afternoon, and also IELTS class and Listening and Speaking. Art class is so amazing because the teacher, David, is a really nice person and really kind and he makes us think more creatively. The IELTS class was really nice because my teacher was Tim and he was a really good teacher.

Why did you decide to take this course?

Because actually I wanted to go to university in another country such as the USA or Canada or the UK. I might go to Canada, so I need to improve my English. I will do IELTS in Korea. I want to study film at university.

Why did you choose Kings London?

My agent said, 'Where do you want to go, Canada or London?' but I chose London because I can travel easily and experience Europe. England is also the origin of English. I wanted to go to a smaller school. If I have big classes I can't focus on the lessons so that's why I choose here. I feel good with my decision.

Where have you stayed?

At first I stayed in a homestay. The first homestay was not that good — food is very important and they didn't cook — and that's why I changed to the Kings Apartments, and I really liked them. After that, I moved to a different host family and they are so nice! They are Indian so I eat a lot of Indian food and it's really yummy — spicy though!

Did you take part in activities and excursions?

I remember the Easter Egg Hunt and the Halloween Quiz also. In England I visited Brighton, Bournemouth, Oxford and Cambridge. I really liked Oxford, it's really beautiful architecture and the calm people riding bicycles. I also went to France and Italy, and it was really nice because it was cheaper than from Korea to travel there. I liked Italy more than France.

What would you recommend to do in London?

When I go to central London I always go to Korean restaurants because I miss Korean food, like kimchi and yuri. Oxford Street and Covent Garden are good for shopping, and Shoreditch is nice. I went to the National Gallery and the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum — so many museums! I really recommend the Imperial War Museum because it made me feel sad and I learnt more about the First and Second World War.

Was this your first time in London? Was it what you expected?

It was the first time yes. I was surprised because the houses are not like in Korea. In Korea there are a lot of apartments but here there are little houses, like Harry Potter houses, so I was feeling really good when I could look out of the windows at other houses.

Would you recommend London as a destination?

Yes, it is a really good experience. In Korea many people say that you can't improve your English in less than one year, but actually it's not true and you can. Even if you start in a really basic class you can improve very much.