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From Kings to studying Psychology at USC

26 Oct, 2018
From Kings to studying Psychology at USC

Former Kings Los Angeles (Marymount) student Chieh-Hsi Chen (Jessie), from Taiwan, took the High School Completion and Pathways programs, before transferring to one of the top universities in the USA, the University of Southern California (USC). We caught up with her to find out how she is progressing.

What are you studying now?
I am studying Psychology at University of Southern California.

Are you involved in any activities in your school life?
I have interned in the school radio station as a DJ. I started working as an Research Assistant in a educational psychology lab this semester. My current goal is to get more involved at USC and learn as much as I can with all the resources I have.

What are the main differences between being with Kings and now at USC?
The main difference in my life is that I am in a more challenging university that requires me to be more active to look for help and to get involved. When I was at Kings, it was easier to find advisor and other teachers to help me immediately. Since I am in a more challenging community, I need to be more organized with my time and plans with the resources I have.

What are your plans after graduation?
My current plan is to acquire some working experience before applying to graduate school, and I want to pursue higher education in Psychology related field.

Why did you choose to transfer to USC?
I chose to transfer to my current school because I think it is a bigger community that gives me the opportunity to meet more people from various cultures. I think it also gives a competitive environment to provide me more opportunities to grow.

What is your favorite class, and which do you find more challenging?
My favorite class is the art class I took last semester. I took wheel throwing class, and that helps me to see how practice makes a difference. I found that learning and memory class is challenging because the medical terminologies are new to me, and there are quizzes every week. The professor includes lots of content every lecture, so it is hard to follow everything in class if I didn't read the text books in advance.

Do you remember any particular advice that Kings staff gave you?
I remember my advisor told me to ask a lot of questions. I still remember, and it is helpful because being active is very important in such a big environment. I need to ask questions and find the answers by myself instead of waiting for others to help.

What do you like the most about studying at USC?
I like the most about my school now is that there are variety of classes I can take.


Photo credits:
USC Campus — flickr CC/David Merrett


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