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From Kings to Durham University

01 Apr, 2020
From Kings to Durham University

Star student, Shun Yamauchi was an Advanced Level Foundation student at Kings and progressed to Durham University. We caught up with him to see how his journey is going, as a university student!

Hi Shun! How was your life at Kings similar to life at Durham University?

I have realised that my results were dependent on the effort I had put in class and at home. I worked really hard to achieve good marks in my exams at Kings and ended up in a prestigious university. The structure of learning is very similar, and I felt prepared for university as Kings prepare you by introducing you to a wide range of universities, fairs and support from teachers.

How did your journey start with Kings?

My high school results were not good and I really wanted to go to a top university in the UK. After researching my options, I came across Kings, which was the perfect opportunity to improve on my grades and lead me to university.

How did Kings help you reach University?

I decided to apply to Durham University, however I still needed more support with my subjects. The teachers supported me and gave me extra homework to improve on my weaknesses through:

IELTS: This helped improve my English level

University fairs: I spoke to the university in person and got a good feel of what they were looking for, which was great

What would you say to students at Kings who are wanting to go to university?

I would say to be prepared, motivated and organised.

Thanks, Shun. What skills did you improve on at Kings and how did this help you in university?

I improved on my writing skills, communication, time management and was able to establish my long-term goals. These skills not only help throughout university, but also during my daily life!