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From Japan to unforgettable new experiences in Hollywood

30 Nov, 2018
From Japan to unforgettable new experiences in Hollywood

Tomoki Nakabayashi from Japan (pictured center) is studying English on the Compact Course at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood) for 10 months. Halfway through his course we asked him a few questions about his choice to come to LA and his memorable experiences so far.

How long have you been studying at Kings?
I have been studying in Hollywood for 5 months now.

How did you find out about Kings Hollywood, and why did you choose to study here?
When I went to Ryugaku Journal Agency in Osaka, they told me about Kings Hollywood. I chose the Hollywood location because ever since I was in middle school I dreamed of living in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Kings is the perfect location for me now as an adult because I'm a dancer. Also, I have seen many Hollywood movies that show street performers, beaches, good weather and nice people.

What was your first impression of Los Angeles?
When I came  to Los Angeles last year with my family, I felt everybody was friendly, happy and peaceful. I felt comfortable so I decided that living and studying in LA could be worth it.

How would you describe the activities here at Kings?
The activities are very fun and helped me forget a lot of my stress. Also, they helped me make deep friendships. I think its only possible to feel this way at the Kings Hollywood location.

Was this your first time celebrating and dressing up in a costume for Halloween?
This year was my first time celebrating Halloween. I was an astronaut of NASA. Everybody's costume was high quality. I was very very impressed!

What has been the most memorable Kings activity for you?
The water party in July was my favorite activity because of the friendships I made that day. I am still very close friends with many students who were there. I will never forget it.


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