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From Japan to Oxford to expand my world

26 Apr, 2019
From Japan to Oxford to expand my world

Masahiro Koyama, from Japan, is studying English at Kings Oxford. He tells us about Oxford as a place to study, and extending his stay.

What course are you taking at Kings, and how long are you studying for?

I’m taking the Intensive Course and I was studying for 4 weeks, however I have extended my course for another 3 months as I am enjoying Oxford.

Will you spend the whole time in Oxford?

I'm thinking now I might extend my studies in London also and visit another city.

Why are you improving your English?

It is important for me to work and study abroad, so it's important for me to expand my world. I will go to university in the UK to study Sustainable Development.

Why did you decide to come to the UK to study?

Because I was interested in studying English in the UK, and the UK has traditions which I was interested in.

How is the course going?

Great! Especially I like the teachers in Oxford, they are kind.

How is your accommodation?

Actually, I had problems in my accommodation… there was a bit of a flood in my room! So I moved my accommodation. It was so hard, but it was also a good opportunity to speak English and deal with problems. I'm staying now in the Stanley Road student house.

Have you joined in with many of the social activities?

Yes I have joined in with the football every Monday — it's great to get to exercise and to speak English.

Have you made many new friends here?

Yes I have made a lot of friends here. They have a lot of different nationalities — it's fantastic.

What do you think of the location of the school in central Oxford?

I think it's great to study because it's quiet here and there are a lot of bookshops and a lot of libraries. Whenever you want to study you can do that.

What would you say to other students who are considering coming to Kings to study?

I would say that if you want to study English academically, then Kings is the best place to do that. There are a lot of opportunities to speak English, learn grammar, and I think it's also good to learn how to achieve in the international world.