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From Japan to studying English Plus Art and Design in London

30 Mar, 2019
From Japan to studying English Plus Art and Design in London

Airi Nakano, from Japan, studied the Diploma of Intensive English and English Plus Art and Design courses at Kings London.

Hi Airi, where are you from?

I am from Japan. My house is located in Osaka, which is the second biggest city in Japan.

Why are you improving your English?

I wanted to improve my English to work all over the world and I wanted to communicate with my friends who I met by international volunteer events.

Why did you choose Kings London?

At first, I wanted to learn Art and English. I also wanted to know the differences between Japan and other countries so I decided to go to a language school with an art course. In addition, Kings was cheaper than a central (London) one.

How is your course going?

I enjoyed knowing the differences between Japan and other cultures which encourage me to widen my horizon. I also enjoyed joining my art class. I could choose what I want to learn about art and what I want to do for my projects.

In general English class, my teacher suggested how to study and did the lecture along the teacher's plan. It is also useful; however I think it is more useful to practise my conversational English. I'm guessing I improved my English in art class especially.

How is your accommodation? Where are you staying?

I’m staying at a homestay which is located near the school. Actually I changed my accommodation when I had been here for 1 month. It was great to live with host family because I could experience native conversation. I sometimes felt it difficult to live with people from other countries but it encourages me to be independent from others.

Have you joined many activities or excursions?

I have joined school excursions many times which was a lovely experience especially with art teacher. I learned many art perspectives from him which inspired me to make some work. Moreover, it was an amazing opportunity to make many friends and good memories.

It was best memory to join the Christmas party and Halloween party. I think the events of Kings are enjoyable. I also enjoyed joining art school trips.

Have you made many friends? Where are they from?

My classmates are from many countries which are Korea, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Italy, France, China, Vietnam, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey.

What do you think of the school’s location?

It was a great location if you are fond of nature and don’t like hustle and bustle of the life. It takes 1 hour to go to the centre of London. It’s near to Bromley to go shopping. I think it’s better to stay in Beckenham to study English than living in central London.

What would you say to students who are thinking of going to Kings London to study?

If you are interested in art, it is a great place to learn about art. You are free to study what you want to do. I wanted to know many things not so deeply so it was lovely opportunity to know them, however if you want to know art thing so deeply on 'specific art' like graffiti art, fashion design, I recommend to go to university or art school.

In terms of English, if you want to make a conversation with someone and your English is not enough for that, I recommend Kings Education. I really recommend the FCE and CAE class which is so beneficial for the students who want to go to university in the UK and to learn academic English.