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From Cambodia to London to prepare for UK university

22 Apr, 2019
From Cambodia to London to prepare for UK university

LyChhing Ho, from Cambodia, is currently completing the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings London. We recently caught up with her to find out about her experience with us so far, the benefits of studying in an international environment, and her plans for future study.

Hi LyChhing. What course are you doing and why did you choose this programme?

I'm taking Advanced Level Foundation at Kings and chose this course because I want into get into a UK university. A-levels are two years, but Advanced Level Foundation takes less time and is quite like A-levels.

What subjects are you taking for your elective modules?

I'm taking Maths, Politics and Business.

Is there one that you’re enjoying most?

Actually I did great in Business, but I enjoy Business and Politics the most. I have a close relationship with my teachers and since the classes are small it’s easy to just talk with them and ask them questions.

I just like new things! In Cambodia I learnt mainly scientific things like Maths, Physics and Chemistry. When I came here I chose more Humanities type subjects. It's new but interesting.

How would you describe your experience at Kings London so far?

When I first came here I thought the school was small but after a while I realised this is a good thing! Since the classes are so small and there are only 10 students it's easier to ask questions and also to say your opinions. I believe if I stayed in a big size school I'd be scared to ask questions. Since this is the first time I've come abroad it's better to come to a smaller place.

What do you think are the best parts of the school?

For me I feel like the best thing would be the class sizes, and I like how the teachers treat students and how they are always helping us. Also in class they are always asking our opinions and just questions. I feel in my comfort zone.

In your previous studies did they ask your opinions much?

Actually in my old school, which was a medium-sized private school, my relationship with the teachers was very close too. I feel like this school and my high school are nearly the same — that's why I love it.

Have you joined any clubs or societies yet?

Actually no, I haven't. I'm not sure which ones they have!

Have you made lots of friends?

Yes, I've made lots of friends in my class. The teachers make it fun, so we're good at communicating. After school I just go home and study though!

Is this the first time you've studied with classmates from other countries?

Yes. I have found it very diverse. Our opinions are different — we think differently. It's good to know what others think! It's good to just listen to and think about others' opinions.

Where are you staying here?

I'm in a homestay. I changed once — the first wasn't very good — but now I love my homestay and she's very polite. I feel like I'm home staying with her.

Is London what you imagined it would be like?

Before I came here people were telling me the weather would depress me! Actually when I first came it rained for a week and I was missing home, but these past few weeks it has been beautiful. I've been to central London, and I love London.

What do you like about Beckenham?

I feel like it's really safe, and the bus drivers and people are really polite. It makes my mum feel comfortable and she feels we are in a safe zone. I'm happy here.

What are you most looking forward to about the next few months?

Actually I want a very high score to get into uni, so I’ve been studying and studying! I hope the next few months I'll catch up, because I came late. I feel like I'm getting better and better.

What do you want to study?

I want to study early childhood education. Not all unis have it so I have to try hard to get in!