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From Art Foundation to a Product Design degree at the University of Leeds

28 Nov, 2018
From Art Foundation to a Product Design degree at the University of Leeds

Zhengzheng Huang (Sky) from China studied the Kings Art and Design Foundation before starting a degree in Product Design. Now in her second year at university, she recently spoke to us about her experience so far in Leeds, and how her time at Kings most helped her.

Hi Zhengzheng. What are some of the highlights of your time here at Leeds?
Leeds is a very diverse university and I can make friends everywhere in my campus. Also the city is very lovely and there are lots of events here.

Are you pleased you chose this university?
Yes I'm really pleased. I think it's a very nice place for students also you can have a really nice experience with the teachers here.

Why did you choose this course?
Because I was really sure I wanted to study Product Design. Staff at Kings helped me look through the different universities and find which would be suitable for me. We found that Leeds is the best choice for me.

What help did you get from your tutors when you were deciding on your future course?
The staff first listened to my requirements — what kind of course I would prefer and what kind of cities.

How did you find preparing your portfolio?
I really enjoyed the time preparing my portfolio at Kings. I liked my working journey, the changing ideas and was really pleased with my final outcome. This portfolio brought me to Leeds and helped me to get a scholarship here.

What were your favourite aspects of the Art Foundation and would you recommend it?
I would definitely recommend it to my other friends because the time I spent in Kings was really nice. I made friends and there were a lot of school trips. Also Oxford is a really nice place for students.

The thing I enjoyed most was the trip to London with my classmates.

The teachers are from different areas and are very friendly, they like to give you advice.

How has university been most different to Kings?
The university asks us to be more independent and I need to work by myself on my projects, rather than getting a lot of feedback from my tutors.

What do you hope to do after university?
Actually I haven't really thought about after I graduate, but I'd like to do something more focussed in art things than engineering things. Art has really helped me in my life.