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Following in my mother's footsteps by studying English at Kings Bournemouth

26 Feb, 2020
Following in my mother's footsteps by studying English at Kings Bournemouth

Eduardo Diaz Velazquez, from Panama, has been taking the Intensive Course at Kings Bournemouth for 3 months. His mother also studied English at Kings Bournemouth in the past and enjoyed her experience.

Eduardo was awarded winner of 'Kings English Student of the Month' in January 2020 in Bournemouth — congratulations!

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Eduardo and I am from Panama City in Panama”

What course are you taking at Kings? How long are you studying with us?

I am studying general English [Intensive Course], when I first arrived in England I could not speak English at all. So I began in Level 1 now I have moved into Level 2. I have been here 6 weeks so far and I have 2 left so a total of 2 months.

What is the reason that you want to improve your English?

It is important to speak English in my home country, as I would like to be a captain and drive the boats along the canals in Panama. To do this I need to be able to speak English as they communicate with lots of people.

What made you decide to come to Kings? Why did you choose the UK? Why Bournemouth?

My mother studied at Kings Bournemouth before and said she really liked it, so she recommended me to come here. Also my friend stayed in Bournemouth last year, not to study but to visit and also recommended coming to Bournemouth.

How is the course going so far? What do you enjoy? What do you find challenging?

Not being able to speak any English when I arrived was challenging but I concentrated on only speaking English whilst I'm here to improve. I really like the teachers they help me a lot, I am in a small class which is good so the teachers can spend lots of time with me.

Where are you staying here – in a residence or homestay? How is your accommodation?

I am staying in a host family in Bournemouth, I really like them they are very friendly. I also have a Swiss student staying there too which is helpful as we practice our English together.

Have you taken part in any of the social activities or clubs at Kings?

I have been on some excursions whilst studying here. I went to London and Cardiff which I enjoyed. I’m hoping to go to Oxford next week as well.

What else do you like to do in your spare time outside class?

I like to walk along the beach and visit the town centre when I'm not studying as Bournemouth is a nice town to be in.

Have you made many friends? Where are they from?

I have made some friends in my class, they are from Saudi Arabia, Angola and Switzerland.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study? What advice would you give them?

I would say that the school and town are very nice. The teachers and staff are very helpful and friendly. I would also say that when you are a student here to only speak English whilst studying here. As it helps you learn a lot quicker, I don’t speak my own language to other students only English.