My first week back to in-person learning

Advanced Level Foundation student Joshua Heinrich shares some the highlights of his first week back to in-person learning at Kings Bournemouth since January.

Hello Josh, after taking online classes since January, you returned to school on Tuesday. How was your first week back?

My first week back? It was great to see all of my friends, teachers and classmates face-to-face. Tuesday felt a bit like in September when we all came back after the summer holidays.

Why was that?

Like in September, it took a day or two for everyone to find their new classrooms and get used to everything. Everyone felt like (we were) seeing each other for the first time, because it was without a virtual background!

You have been living in the Charminster residence since January. How was it staying there during the UK lockdown?

Yes, I have been there since January. To be more specific, since last August, my family thought it would be safer not to travel over Christmas to them. I had a lovely New Year in Bournemouth.

It was great to stay at the residence, and you always had people to talk to so you couldn't fall into lockdown blues. One thing that also helped was the activities in residence (socially distanced, of course). Other than that, I think online classes don't differ, no matter where you are.

Finally, Josh, if you would give this last week a grade, what would it be?

I would give the week an A, of course. Not only because it was great to see my friends again, but most importantly, everything worked perfectly. Whether it was the testing or the school staff who made the return easier.

To every staff member who made the return easy and kept the school clean and hygienic, and the wardens in the residence who dealt with us students during the lockdown — thank you very much!