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Kings Wisconsin students watch their first NBA game

27 Mar, 2024
Kings Wisconsin students watch their first NBA game

Kings Wisconsin student, Ruizhe "Ruizher" Zhang, tells us about his experience watching the Milwaukee Bucks play at his first NBA game.

"After gathering in the dormitory at 9 in the morning, we embarked on a journey to Milwaukee to watch the NBA. I was thrilled beyond words; attending an NBA (National Basketball Association) game had been my dream since middle school. Finally, the moment was here. With excitement coursing through me, we entered the Fiserve Form, only to find a long queue already forming at the entrance.

By the time we found our seats and settled in to watch, we were three minutes late. The game had already begun, and the arena was charged with an intense atmosphere. Cheers and applause erupted with each basket, echoing throughout the stadium. Finally, I was experiencing an NBA game in person, not through the lens of ESPN!

This journey was unforgettable — the ambience of the arena, the roar of the crowd, and the intensity of the players’ performance – all elements that television could not capture."

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